Supplied over 2500 H32 & H40 couplers and terminators for the first two buildings

We have supplied over 2500 H32 & H40 couplers and terminators for the first two buildings and will be supplying similar quantities for the two remaining structures. This contract was not designed with couplers in mind but was offered as a solution when the original design made construction impossible due to the amount of reinforcement steel required in the beams. The feedback was compelling from design to construction.


 There is not much to say about the Ironman Couplers except that it's one, if not the best system I've used in reinforcing steel.

It leaves all other coupler, crimping methods for dead, it allows you to not only prefab 99% of beams but also the volume and tonnage that is being placed in half the time.


Look, the BMS coupler was by far a great system. It allowed huge volumes of prefabbing which obviously gives you reduced labour bills, as opposed to the insitu work.

We found that the couplers were a great alternative, once you remove the potential laps out of the equation as well.

A great alternative than what was originally proposed to be honest. I know we will definitely use the BMS coupler again.

Ryman Healthcare

We have adopted to use your coupler system at our Ryman Petone site and we are very pleased with the product.

The structure is a Base Isolated building which utilized custom made 1200mm wide shell beams over the isolators.

The moment demand on these beams is significant and required a very heavy content of reinforcing which resulted in congestion, numerous laps and very difficult detailing.

The use of the couplers made all these aspects far easier resulting in a very elegant solution.

We have decided to use the same system on the remaining buildings on site to be constructed in the future.

MV Engineers - Auckland